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LG Therma V Air Source Heat Pumps

LG THERMA V Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps have become increasingly popular in recent years across the UK and are being looked at as an alternative to traditional fossil-fuel central heating systems, due to their attractive running cost savings, lower carbon emissions and precise temperature control.

THERMA V is LG’s renewable heating system, especially designed to provide heating and/or domestic hot water to new builds and renovations for lower carbon emissions and energy costs.

ASHP home heating radiator underfloor and hot water

 THERMA V is an air source heat pump system (ASHP) – simply an alternative heating system to a fossil-fuel gas or oil central heating boiler designed to create incomparable customer values such as energy saving, perfect comfort, easy control and superior service.

Heat generated by the outdoor unit via heat exchange with external air is transferred to the domestic hot water tank to provide heating for radiators, underfloor systems and hot water.

Reliable Heating

THERMA V R32 Monobloc provides reliable and powerful heating for the indoor environment. It can operate even at extremely cold weather like -25°C.

The system can offer an impressive leaving water temperature of 65°C at maximum.

Monobloc LG Therma ASHP outdoors.

Smart Heating Control

The intuitive User Interface allows quick and easy use with a simple touch and users can set schedules based on their lifestyles.

Daily or monthly monitoring of power consumption allows efficient energy management.

 LG Therma ASHP smart heating control

Remotely Control from Anywhere

With LG SmartThinQ™ app, users can simply control heating system anytime from anywhere.

Remote access to heating system allows users the maximised comfort.

LG Therma ASHP remote control heating App.

LG Therma V Air Source Heat Pumps – Documents & Downloads

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